Creating a Themed Garden

When starting with a fresh plot of land or renovating an old one, the possibilities are endless  with the theme and decor you can use in your garden. Consider creating a theme or themes  throughout your outdoor living space to personalize your space and to fit your needs. 

Your theme can be based on imagination, life or function. If you are a pizza lover, create a  garden that grows the ingredients to homemade sauce and toppings for pizza. Love red? Plant  red vegetation and flowers with an accent color to balance.  

Color themed gardens present a unique style from the common color but differing style. With a  variety of hues, shapes and sizes, the color themed gardens create interest and variety. To  offset an overbearing wave of color, use garden décor for pops of color. Color themed gardens  also present the idea of symbolism. The color you choose could be random or having meaning,  but that elusive sense of symbolism provides a sense of purpose to your garden from  passersby. 

Memorial gardens are a great way to honor and pay tribute to lost loved ones. It is also a great  way to use old items from this person they may have left behind. Plant shrubs and greenery  they liked or that bring back memories of them. Attract birds with bird feeders, birdhouses and  birdbaths to bring life and remind you of them. A great example of a memorial garden is the  Lincoln Memorial Garden, which uses native plants to commemorate him. 

Creating a themed garden also helps with the overwhelming feeling you get when you walk into  a garden store. So many choices of plants, colors, species, heights and accessories that end up  making you spend hours trying to decide what to get. Creating a themed garden takes planning,  which will help your initial shopping trip. While shopping in stores, having the theme in mind will  help you to decide whether or not an accessory is necessary or not based on whether it fits with  your theme or not. 

Themed gardens are a great way to define your outdoor living space while putting a personal  stamp on the project. A themed garden is whatever you want it to be.