Holiday Shopping for the Garden Lover

Holiday shopping is stressful enough with the busy malls, crowded parking lots and long lines let  alone trying to figure out what to buy someone. If you are holiday shopping for a gardener this  year, shopping just got a lot easier this year. 

  • Lighting: Whether you find a DIY craft on Pinterest or want to buy from a store, lighting is  a simple yet great gift. Tradition lighting such as solar lamps make great gifts because of  the functionality. Regardless of what your garden lover’s style or theme is, there is  bound to be a solar lamp in that same style. More sophisticated and delicate lighting  options are available as well. And for the DIY-er, just about any glass item you find could  be turned into a great lamp for an outdoor living space. 
  • Bird Accessories: Whether it is a birdbath, birdhouse or bird feeder, these are classic  decorative, functional items that any homeowner can use in their yard. The best part is  that they are fairly low maintenance. Aside from ensuring that they are clean for bird use,  refilling birdbaths and birdhouses with water and food, respectively, is the most you have  to do. Get creative and buy an unpainted birdhouse and personalize it for the recipient or  buy a fully done one.  
  • Fountains: Small water features also make great gifts. Fountains don’t necessarily mean  a large centerpiece fountain, but smaller water features fall under this category as well.  Indoor water features are great for creating a calm, relaxing environment in spaces such  as the bedroom.  
  • Outdoor Cooking Set: If your garden lover also loves to cook outside, consider buying  them a separate set of cooking utensils for outside.  
  • Watering Sensors: If the recipient of the gift has indoor plants and gardens as well,  consider purchasing a water sensor kit for them. Water sensors notify you when  houseplants need more water.  
  • Garden Statues: Who doesn’t love a statue? Visit your local thrift store or flea market to  find older vintage items to restore to life or visit your local garden center or décor shop  for new items. 
  • Indoor Plants: Go fresh and buy them plants. Having plants indoors is great for a fresh  oxygen supply during the winter months and add a bit of life to a room. Make sure they  like having indoor plants though because not all people keep up with indoor plants. (But  if that is the case, you can always buy them watering sensors as well.)