How to Decorate a Small Outdoor Living Space

Unfortunately not everyone has a large yard to decorate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do  anything. Focusing on the space you have and maximizing its layout potential is the most  important part of decorating a small space.  

If you are stuck with a concrete patio taking up most of your green space, utilize pots and  troughs with plants to line patio with greenery. If you use pots, mix and match sizes for added  design. If you are tight for space on the ground, try hanging flower baskets. With a variety of  stands and hanging options, you can fit multiple hanging baskets where one plant would go.  Planter boxes are also great if you have a window overlooking your outdoor space. Adding a  lattice or trellis to your patio creates a space or ivy to grow on for additional greenery.  

Vegetables are also good for small spaces as many take up minimal room. Tomatoes and  peppers in containers are great starters. There are also vegetable and fruit plants that are made  for small spaces such as lemon trees. Ask your local garden center for more information about  these plants. 

Create an herb garden to add color and life to your small space. Even if you aren’t much of a  cook, your friends and family would gladly take fresh spices off your hands when they are ready.  Herbs also create great aromas and add a nice touch to outdoor decor. 

Arrange furniture and decorative items in a way that keeps an open flow to the space. Allowing  room to walk and move comfortably, even if it is a tight space will add to the illusion of a bigger  space. If different parts of your outdoor space are used for different functions, define these  spaces. For a longer, narrower yard, use horizontal rules to add to the illusion of width. In  contrast, use diagonal lines to create another illusion of depth in a small garden.  

A small living space does not have to define your green thumb or inner decorator, as there is  always a solution.