Prepping Your Outdoor Living Space for Winter

There is more to do to close your garden for the winter than tossing your gloves aside. Properly  preparing your garden and the yard décor will prevent winter from cost you reparations in the  spring. 

If you have permanent toys and accessories for children in your yard, clean them before storing  them for the winter. It is important to protect them against algae in the winter. Algae grows where it can, and if they stay throughout the winter, they could cause issues in cracks as the moisture  gets in. After cleaning, move large items such as a playhouse to a corner of your yard and place smaller toys in as they fit. Cover them with a tarp to prevent moisture and animals such as  raccoons from getting in.  

Algae finds places to grow other than just toys. Your deck, furniture, and décor are all at risk  for algae growth. Find an environmentally friendly moss and algae killer to prep your home  before the winter. The large cracks that could potentially be created from algae and moss are  not worth the risk as they could be detrimental.  

Anything that does not have a permanent place in your yard or garden should be moved inside  if at all possible. This is especially important for any décor featuring fabric such as seat cushions  or table umbrellas. This holds true for rainy weather during the warmer months as well. 

Before the cold weather hits, re-stain or paint any outdoor furniture or décor that could be at risk  for wear and tear during the winter. This should be part of routine maintenance as these  coatings protect from weathering and damage. It would also be a good idea to spray any metal  items with rust prevention spray as they will be subjected to wet conditions.  

Preparing your outdoor living space for the unpredictable winter weather can save you money in  the spring. No one wants to start out the warm weather seasons with maintenance and repairs.